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Looking for my Holiday Side Hustle!
1d ago
Mon Dec 10 2018
Had a great time running the accelerator, workshops at the Korea Innovation Center
12d ago
Thu Nov 29 2018
Got to finally test drive the #MagicLeap One courtesy of my brother-in-law. Mind officially blown. Amazing to experience. #AR #AugmentedReality
17d ago
Sun Nov 25 2018
My TEDxMarin talk hit the tubes! Token Economies at Home Building blocks and blockchain: preparing kids for the technology of tomorrow -- How one tech-savvy parent brought the lessons of a token economy home Entrepreneur, Professor at Singularity University This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
26d ago
Fri Nov 16 2018
Checking out WIWO!
27d ago
Thu Nov 15 2018
Attending the commercial UAV show in London, looking for innovative ways to deliver healthcare using drone technology
27d ago
Wed Nov 14 2018

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Inspire. And be inspired.

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